happy new year 2019/

As 2019 is now upon us I would like to wish a very Happy New Year to all who see this message. I hope that it finds you well. For many this is a time to reflect on the past while simultaneously looking forward to the future to come. I have used this opportunity to update readers on the status of this website over the last several years and I will continue that tradition today.

I started Rockit Reports in 2012 with the goal of spreading information about under-reported aspects of the commercial sex industry around the world. Since that time this website has been read tens of millions of times by people from nearly every country. I have now reported on dozens of countries spanning four continents. New reports have been published here at least once every seven days without interruption. Yet there is still so much more that could be covered.

2019 New Year2019 New Year

In the weeks and months to come I will continue to report on prostitution and the sex industry in its many forms. I will continue to write about locations and venue types that have been covered here in the past. I will also attempt to report on some new locations yet to be described here. As always I hope to produce a mix that is as enjoyable for me to write as it is for you to read.


You can expect several reports on places in countries like Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand in the near future. Though other regions will also be covered as the year progresses. There are new venues opening all the time even as some older spots still not been covered here due to time and resource constraints. In any case there is a lot more to come.

The sex industry and the internet

Rockit Reports was certainly not the first website of its kind though I do believe that I approached the subject in a rather unique way. The fact that Rockit Reports took off so quickly and became a sort of staple of those interested in the sex industry does seem to confirm my thoughts on the matter.

There are certainly more websites pertaining to prostitution now than there were in 2012. They are of varying quality with some being much better than others. I tend to welcome the emergence of genuine websites that enrich. I don’t necessarily have the same opinion about websites that seem to be created only to enrich the people behind them. Yet we all have to make money. That’s why advertisements appear on this website. It is also why the sex industry exists to begin with.

I am all for free speech and it is easy enough to ignore materials that are uninteresting or distasteful. My only real qualm comes with websites that blatantly copy from Rockit Reports and websites like it without as much as an attribution. Alas not much can be done about this. So I continue on producing new material on a regular basis with the hopes that you all will come here read it. So far so good.

Future plans

In terms of layout and editorial style I am considering making a few changes this year. Some are minor while others are major. No matter what I decide to to do this website will continue on reporting along the same lines and on the same subjects throughout 2019 and beyond.

Comments, reports and suggestions continue to be welcomed on Rockit Reports. They are all an important part of the site. I am always pleased to see comments from new readers. I am also happy to find that some readers have turned into regular commenters who enrich this website with their words. Some like Jack, Deca, and European Guy stand out. Though there are certainly many others. Thank you all.


To conclude this fourth annual Happy New Year wish I would like to thank regular readers for continuing to come back to this site. I would also like to welcome new or occasional readers for taking the time out to look over my work. I hope to continue on as I have done in a way that is entertaining and enlightening. Cheers!